Elafang Redarge


Elafang sports a beautifull deep red and green cloak, which magical properties cause it to be almost luminescent. The value of his wardrobe alone is more than most kings could afford.

While a pacifist, to protect his life he wields “Grim”, an elegant Eladrin short sword, finely etched with magical gold and blue saphires.

He himself looks as though he never matured past 30, even though he is older than the founding of the island.


Elafang Redarge, is a 487 year old Eladrin and the Head Wizard at the Harsinger Magical Academy. His wisdom came in handy during the Final War, but he himself is a pacifist and would never condone violence. He prefers nature in all its forms, and believes that magic is a gift to be used responsibly and for the betterment of the world. He is the oldest person in Avandinslec and arguably the smartest.

His personal wealth comes from the Redarge heritage, and his family holds great renown for their wealth and magical knowledge. Being able to converse with a Redarge is considered a great honor, and many people of Avandinslec consider his presence a blessing.

Elafang Redarge

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