Delvesden, often refered to as the sister city of Belfast, was constructed mainly from the Tigle Fruit trade as a way to undercut the outrageous prices Belfast offered. It was constructed under the watch of Dwarven architect Vendrak Headworth and Human architect Mark Teldron. The city sports a very distictive dwarven feel, while still being a predominately human town. The buildings were built from white marble from the Sky Dagger Mountains, and it’s walls were much higher and thicker than that of Belfast, and were built to withstand any attack from land or sea. Not only was it structurally more stable, but politically more stable as well, as it was headed by a senate of 6 dwarves and 6 humans.

Although it was built to undercut Belfast, more Tigle fruit was going through Belfast than through Delvesden (or “Tigleopia”). To keep a source of income steady, prospectors took to the Sky Dagger Mountains and soon found rich deposits of silver, gold, iron, copper, and precious stones. This severly increased to wealth of the town, and so Delvesden was able to afford a a road system and better quality of living than could be found at Belfast. As such, there is no real lower class in Delvesden, only middle and upper, and have stake in the mining trade, or perhaps are a wealthy Tigle farmland owner.

Currently, Delvesden is run by only one lord, a dwarf Dregg Digfoot, who is strong willed as he is intelligent, as has keep Delvesden running efficiently since the end of the Final War.

Captain of the Guard is a dwarf-Harold Yondrah


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