Avandinslec was discovered by the Nerath Empire approximately 378 years ago. It was discovered by merchants, and was a mysterious haven for the occasional ship or two that would seek safety from a storm, or perhaps a dock with which to trade goods. Belfast was the island’s first settlement, and sported an inn and a relatively safe bay area to keep out a tempest or hurricane.

After a few years, a new crop was discovered on the insland- the Tigle Fruit. This sweet and delicious crop was instantly a sensation with the citizens of the Nerath Empire. When demand of the Tigle fruit increased dramatically, so did the amount of immigrants to the island. Soon pioneers and adventure seekers were drawn to the island in search of making a fortune in the Tigle trade. Belfast soon grew into a large metropolis, but became kind of a evil corporation. Nerath believed in a free enterprise system, and so did no regulating of the Tigle trade or the crops prices. When the prices rose by almost 1200% in the first year, an investigation revealed that Belfast was the only real port on the island, and so had complete control of the exports, and so created a monopoly on the Tigle plant.

Still Nerath did nothing, as it had no authority to tell business owners what to do. But the inate human desire to undercut one another prevailed and another city was created, Tiglelopia, renamed Delvesden by the dwarves. Delvesden was a completely different city with a different vibe then Belfast. Instead of the grey stone walls surrounding Belfast, Delvesden had a distinctive dwarven feel, and the great white marble walls was truly a spectacular site indeed. Instead of the purely sailor, drunk and disorderly conduct, everyman for himself motiff from Belfast, Delvesden had a system of government, a policing system, guards, merchant organizations, and the typical rigid structuring found in most dwarven communities.

It wasn’t untill the Final War that Nerath really even claimed Avandinslec. Untill then, it was a sort of free land, where it was left to it’s own system of government. When the Final war began, Nerath was fighting on multiple fronts, and due to the port cities of Delvesden, Belfast, Harsinger, and Ro-bareth (now Urz-Gro-Balak) Nerath issued a proclamation that all of Avandinslec is now the property of the Nerath Empire and is entitled to the same liberties and duties as the rest of the Nerath citizens. The “duties” include enlisting for the draft, paying taxes, and when the war was turning for the worst, being basically a slave force, working only for the chance to survive the war. The ports of Avandinslec proved most uselfull as shipyards and for maintaining a large naval force. While it didn’t turn the tide of the war, Avandinslec did prove to0 powerfull for a direct approach from the enemy, and so was never directly attacked after the Battle of Ro-bareth.

When the Nerath Empire finally fell, Avandinslec was left to its own individual governments and was left in a weakened state. The Tigle trade resumed to whatever cities were left and after a while life returned to a more neutral state. However, the fiendish orc general Urz, saw the opportunity to sieze Ro-bareth from the Avandinslec people. He sailed successfully from his homeland to the once proud port of Ro-bareth and instantly claimed it as his own. The empty streets and broken buildings proved a sweet prize, as the orc chieftans have never had an actual city to live in, instead being forced to live a nomadic, tribal life. His orc followers rebuilt parts of the city and now is called Urz-Gro-Balak, orcish for City of Urz.

Nobody knew that Urz had taken Ro-berath, and so he was allowed to amass a great orc army in secret behind the once proud walls. Urz, being an orc, was not just satisfied with taking a city, he wanted his name to be legend and set about conquering the entire island, thus starting the Orc War, which is where we find Avandinslec in the middle of today, 59 years after the fall of Nerath.


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